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v. to self-combust or become structurally compromised in a most likely spontaneous manner
Strong Bad: Your head asplode.
by Daniel Webster December 30, 2004

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Variant of preppy. One who has gone to a preperatory school.
Preppie is a variant of preppy.
by Daniel Webster July 29, 2004

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One who reveives sexual pleasure from thoughts or actions pertaining to bread or bread-related products. Often coupled with a complete lack of social acceptance.
The breseboy was mocked mercilessly for his bread-oriented perversion.
by Daniel Webster November 25, 2004

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the greatest quake player of all time
zero4 is almost as good as ph0xx.
by Daniel Webster February 26, 2003

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n. 1. The supreme reality; the being worshiped as the creator and ruler of the universe 2. a being or object believed to have supernatural attributes and powers and to require worship
Shoukry is godly.
by Daniel Webster June 04, 2003

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noun: a biased notion

synonym: judeg
you're judiced against that game!
by Daniel Webster January 27, 2005

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n. Shoukry
Shoukry is Pharaoh
by Daniel Webster June 05, 2003

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