The funniest, cutest, most artistic girl! She’s great at writing stories, drawing, and just amazing!
Person 1: I asked out Ariella yesterday
Person 2: what did she say?
Person 1: She said yes!
Person 2: you are the luckiest man in the world!
by Holy Shit I’m in love December 16, 2017
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Someone who is fun-sized and super sweet with an adorable happy smile. Always puts other people first. They are gorgeous, but doesn't realize it. They also may be athletic, typically a dancer or a cheerleader! Colourful and bubbly, they are everyone's best friend.
"Who is that super hot cheerleader over there?"
"It's Ariella- who else?"
by tonywilson782 January 14, 2017
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A name in which to describe someone, mostly female, who carries themself with aspiring characteristics. This includes perseverance, creativity, and intelligence. Their flaws are minor and yet still positively contribute to their overall personality. This includes attitude, laziness, and they can easily become obsessed.
(Male Version- Apollo, Arello, etc.)
Once again, Ariella scored 100% on her test.
by CharismaticEgyptian February 21, 2016
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A goddess from above. She's beautiful! Ariella is funny and can make anyone laugh. She's smart, funny, cute, gorgeous smile, and athletic. Best of the best! A great friend and kind, but can have attitude. She's one of a kind! Super fun chick, always smiles and likes to have fun! The HOTTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD! Her name is just... Just... Perfect! Issa babe!!! Issa blessing!!! Everything I can ask for!
Ariella is the love of my life!!
by Issa truth March 15, 2017
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Prettiest babe in the world. so smart, shes the full package. seems really confident, but is actually shy. obsessed over boys 24/7
guy 1 - "who was that girl at the party last night? she looked so hot"
guy 2 - "probably ariella. sweetest girl ever. but she's very shy"
guy 1 - "no way, really? how could a girl so hot be so shy?"
by billie denim May 27, 2018
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Super hot skater chick with an ef you attitude. Independent, colorful and proud to be funsized and athletic. The type of girl who wont accept the fact that shes drop dead gorgeous when really SHE IS.
Boy 1:Heard you asked out Ariella?
Boy 2:Yeah, and dude she totally drooled over me!
Boy 1:Really now, because I also heard that you were crying when you walked away.
by Misshotmess August 20, 2011
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The BEST person you'll ever meet. She's usually Funny, Smart, hot asf, usually popular, humble, shy at sometimes, and over all the best person ever
Guy 1:who's the shy girl?
Guy 2: shy?!! lol bro that's Ariella
by GoogleCrome23 January 15, 2019
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