A day where the most amazing person was born. On this day you must hug this person.
Oh my god, it’s April 12th! Melissas birthday! Isn’t she great?
by Smøl._.worm October 18, 2019
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National stay away from school day! On this day everyone stays home from school!
Me: Are you going to school?
Friend: yes why?
Me: It is April 12th! Don’t go to School!
by Hhhhjjjbnnk November 14, 2019
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self defense” against rapists and sexual harassers and assaulters beat them the fuck up
hey beat those trying to hurt ur body april 12
by unkown woman April 12, 2021
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On April 12 you worship anyone who was born on april 12. They are gods. During their birthdays is also Aries season. Aries are the best zodiac sign. So worship your fellow Aries or April 12 friend because it’s right.
“Hey, it’s april 12, we have to worship Jack.”

You are right!”
by This is a real thing 👍 October 15, 2019
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Maybe you have some annoying ass trumpies trying to tel you something you can tell them to respectfully stfu since it’s April 12 ; “trump is still our president the votes are rigged!!😡”

“Literally respectfully shut the fuck up 😐”
by Seggsy titan April 12, 2021
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A day were you can slap someonesankle
Hey bro it's April 12th National slap ankle day I'm finna slap my homies and female friends ankles
by G-Rant The Rapper April 12, 2019
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