Ashay is a word used in African American culture to mean "and so it is" or amen .
My wish is for all beings to be happy and free

Response: Ashay
by Mirabibble June 26, 2017
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(noun) is a masculine name meaning abundant in Middle eastern countries and in Egypt. This name is given to a person who is blessed with an abundance of luck, love and joy in his life, both to keep in his heart and to share with the world. A person with this name is blessed with incredible charming and magnetic appearance, with the finest chiseled features. As his name suggests, he is not only blessed with an abundance of wonderful qualities, his physical appearance is so perfect, so desirable and so irresistible that its hard for ladies not to yearn his love and affection therefore he also possesses an abundance of admirers and passionate devotees. He is like royalty and oozes such a charismatic aura, touching lives where ever he goes. He is a kind, gentle and sincere person who would give his life for the ones he loves. the most faithful person you will meet. Once he sets his mind on something he will pursue it passionately but he places his trust in the universe and follows his hearts desires. He is a sports lover especially soccer and basketball and if you ever catch a glimpse of his expressive eyes when he is talking about sports, you can see drive, motivation and passion. His one passion is sports but his other passion is giving life to others, even though he may not realize he does. Its a given. he's very compassionate, kind, loving and has a natural gift of being able to heal people and their hearts. A wonderful friend and loving family man.
At first he may appear quiet but once you gain his trust and he opens up you will see a he is the MOST AMAZING person you will ever meet whose laugh will melt your heart. A moment away from him feels like an eternity but when you see him and his smile you just light up like a thousand lanterns. He is an abundance of everything.he is loved by everyone and a man who is cherished beyond words.

"did you see Ashai, he is the most Royal... no words can describe... he is missed at alllllll times. an abundance of strength, love, passion, vigor and he brings abundance into my life." - An Ashai lover who is a lover of Ashai and loves Ashai ;)
by Orisis bloom June 27, 2010
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ancient hindu translation for "eternal sex-god". It is believed that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform unimaginable sexual acts for long periods of time. Men possessing this name are also well endowed and long sought after. Any woman who has the opportunity of meeting a Ashay must thank her stars because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Hey Sarah, i so need a Ashay today! where the hell can i find one?
by Lazyguy1267 December 20, 2018
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Ashai is a unique and caring person who is always there for her friends no matter what. They are selfless but can get jealous pretty easily when it comes to the people they love
Ashai is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met
Have you heard of that girl Ashai?
by coolgirl6942004 June 21, 2021
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A sweet and a inteligent boy trying to be cool. Always help each others and tries to be cool
That boy sitting on front bench ashay is my best friend

It's a name use it anywhere
by Wild-Jack December 3, 2021
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Ashay Pandey is in love with a Ayushi Sand, but she doesn't believe it for some stupid reason
He's completely Ashay Pandey for get
by Zorro_33 November 24, 2021
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He's in love with Sand but she thinks he's all about build-ups.
Don't be an Ashay Pandey for her
by Zorro_33 November 26, 2021
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