He is like an arush.
by arush August 20, 2007
he's one of the sweetest people you can meet
his name means the first ray of sunshine and he is quite literally that in a person's life. he makes their day and is a source of warmth, adoration and support. he is reliable and dependable and a best friend. he has a penchant for making haniyas blush and stick their tongue out at photos. sexually, he is kinky as fuck but really takes care of his girls.

he is an amazing orator and an extremely versatile and multitalented person. he takes care of his friends. he goes to great lengths sometimes to do so actually. its a pleasure to know him and even more so to call him a friend

-cute one
by cute one/small one April 21, 2021
The Hindu god of sex and fertility. It is said he has over a million spawn, be that human or other and has lain with over a billion women. And only women. The god Arush is so fertile that he can get someone pregnant through oral.
Wow you are so good at this, you must be blessed by the great god Arush!
by RuleBritannia69 June 29, 2020
Arush is the first ray of sunshine. The name Arush is mostly used by people that speak Hindi. Most people named Arush can be a little rude but once you get to know a Arush they can be nice and funny. Generation Z Arush's love to play video games and love to work on cars. But Arush's are not always the same
Arush was rude to me at first but now he is the funniest person I know!
by 666_PP_666 October 7, 2019
The Real Definition: Literally Perfect, never gets mad and is always positive. The BEST.
He acts like such a Arush.
by Cherishable Apple February 20, 2019
The sexiest, hottest, most kind and wonderful man who pwns everyone.Basically the perfect guy. Extremely handsome. Every girl's type. Besides his immensely attractive physical features, a Yash is incredibly intelligent. He is passionate about everything he does and works so hard at things that he becomes a prodigy. A Yash is not afraid of challenging people, but also has tact and knows when to be kind and sensitive. Arushs can actually put their emotions into words, unlike most guys these days. They can be a little prideful sometimes,but they know when they need advice or help and have the maturity to ask for it. A Yash can be very protective, affecting, and sweet, but most of the time they are the kind of guy who you rely on for a laugh. They are always extremely witty, but many people misunderstand their sense of humor and think that a Yash is rude. You have to really take the time to get to know a Yash to fully appreciate one. Arushs are amazing friends who will tease you constantly but will always be there for you when you truly need him. They are astonishingly accepting. If you meet a Yash, pursue a friendship with him--you won't regret it!
Guy 1:"OMG there is no way I can pass this test. I'm going to fail the class!"
Arush: "Dude no problem, I'll help you study every night before the test. You got this!"

Girl 1: "Most guys are such douchebags, I wish I could find a Arush!"
Girl 2: "I heard Arushs are rude!"
Girl 1: "No, definitely not! You just have to get to know them first!"
by thecutekid November 22, 2021
An absolute madlad. Similar to Chandler Bing in character. Good sense of humour and also very kind hearted. Not that great at first impressions but once you get to know him, you'll absolutely love him and he'll be your best bud.
by Meil mitin Mitesh November 26, 2019