1. A NBA forward who has played for the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers. He is known for his ferocious perimeter defense and eccentric personality.

2. The act of a brawny black man lashing out on a scrawny white man for seemingly insignificant reasons. This comes from an incident where Artest attacked a spectator at a Pacers-Pistons matchup in 2004, which led to his suspension for the remainder of that season.

3. The act of consuming Hennessey at the halftime of any athletic performance. This stems from a 2010 interview where Artest admitted to occasionally consuming Hennessey during halftime before returning to the court for games.

4. The act of consuming Hennessey at the halfway point of a social event. Also influenced by the 2010 Artest interview.
1. Ron Artest is one of the NBA's best defensive players in any given year if he can keep his head on straight.

2. If this emo punk keeps annoying me I will pull a Ron Artest on his ass.

3. My first-half performance wasn't too good. I guess I'm gonna have to do a Ron Artest to loosen up and finish this game strong.

4. This party isn't moving me. Let's try a Ron Artest and hope we wake up in the morning.
by Nigerian Nightmare June 4, 2010
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A violent individual who partakes in attacking random fans in a basketball game.
I was at the pistons game and got my ass kicked by Ron Artest
by Hugh Jass December 5, 2004
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A great defensive player who is well know to lose his cool. In my opinion he is the craziest player to grace the NBA since Dennis Rodman. Well known for the November 19th incident in Detroit, were he jumped into the stands and attacked the wrong fan who he thought threw the beer on him after his semi-altercation with Ben Wallace.
Don't piss of Ron Artest, he might rip your head off
by C-Note 2000 May 15, 2005
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6-7 245lbs NBA star, plays for the indiana pacers, NBA defensive player of the year.
Ron artest might be the "NBA" Defensive player of the year but can he defend my punches?! ... 10 minutes later and a few beer thrown..my nose! im bleeding
by steve November 23, 2004
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v. the act of hitting somebody with viscious blows to the head.
you have him now. hit him with the ron artest.
by aimoner March 22, 2007
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big money asshole who straight up slaughtered like 15 pistons fans.. and ran over some big fat arab guy... a stupid ass fool who messed with THE DETROIT PISTONS>!!!!!
mom is ron artest mentally ill?

yea son... thats the only reason why he would COME TO D-TOWN...CUZ U NO WHEN U COME TO D-TOWN U DONT MESS AROUND!!!
by big money baller November 20, 2004
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