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One of those kids you usually see in middle and high schools (the age when people start to assert their individuality) who are awesome at art, take as many art classes as they can, and are constantly drawing, painting, or photographing something. They often may be drawing on themselves or their belongings with sharpie marker.
Many also are highlly individualistic and may choose to die their hair interesting colors, cut it it strange ways, or dress in a rather offbeat manner. Many also started various trends (such as wearing Converse shoes) before they became mainstream.
Some are into theater or the performing arts. They are sort of a high school version of bohemians. (meant in the nonconformist sense of the word)

NOTE: (not at all to be confused with emo kids, as this is a totally different idea, though some art kids are emo and some emo kids are artsy in nature.)
Ex. I joined the school newspaper and there were a lot of art kids there. Some of them are pretty cool.
by andriod5 August 28, 2005
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Art kids are your usually teenagers or young adults who are generally intrested in art and being different. They express themselves in many ways but in an artistic and creative way. They usually dress in clothes which are considered "artistic", "Unique", "Different". They enjoy talking about art and usually study some form of art. They like drawing and painting and expressing there fellings and emotions through art. They usually listen to music which they consider to be artistic some art kids believe that "Music is a form of art" So they listen to things like Emo and Indie music because they believe this type of music is creative. They are similar to Hipster kids but they just have a more intresting fell for art. They usually carry a messenger bag or ruck sack and some sorta sketch pad with them to draw the things around them. They hang out in coffee shops and usually design and make alot of there clothes to give them an artistic fell.They sometimes have paint on there jeans and have ripped jeans and converses. Some art kids like to combine there style with Vintage. An art kid is a kid generally intrested in forms of art and fashion. Usually seen in Middle or High school. Very good at art and take alot of art lessons at school and are into creative lessons. They may die there hair different colours or grow it to different lengths to make it look artistic and indviular.
Art kid's express indivularity through art.
by Seany123129 May 27, 2006
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Art kids are individual and moody. The typical art kid is often arty or like art and listen to indie/emo music and have friends like sc3ne kids and emos. They wear converses and are retro in style. they have a little hint of emo and scene in them, but are mainly individual and studenty. They like photography.
Woah that would make a neat picture..Hey sc3ne x kid..stand there..*art kid takes picture*
by Art x Core September 14, 2005
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