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an out-going, caring, sensitive person, who learns from her mistakes, and welcomes all haters becaue its not like they matter.
she has an arooj personality.
by heat234 April 27, 2010
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A fat troll that causes mass movents of the earth, ironic seeming that she studied gcse geography and always thought it was the convection currents of the earth.
Due to the large amount of food she eats, many parts of the world is now in famine and have very little to eat. Like a hoover she slurps in anything that comes her way, including men!
Due to her large mass, she feels like the world revolves around her. Little does she know that there is tide on earth dhw to her magnetic pull.
She often enjoys showing off with her bluetooth speaker and nearly ends breaks it in the process. As she is a professional nonce, she perves on younger girls in her school and shouts their names in desires what they hold. You'll see hear her before you see her as her massive gib blurts out a lot of shit.
Person 1-Did you hear that
Person 2-yhh, I think it was arooj
by That mysterious gut June 16, 2019
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