Typically a female name. Means 'a piece of the moon' in Persian. In Arabic, it refers to a baby gazelle. It is also a palindrome.

Individuals with this name possess large intimidating eyes, an alternative sense of style, are extremely blunt, and are cautious in their dealings with people. Over all, they possess an enigmatic persona that is hard to read but at the same time, is undeniably magnetic. This can sometimes be misunderstood for arrogance. Very hard to come by.
Maham grants us access to divinity. The closest thing to it.

She is both the muse, and the artist - her name is Maham.
by Zattar January 18, 2010
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Persian name meaning a piece of the moon. The most beautiful girl in the room. Her smile can literally light up the whole world. She smells amazing! She is caring, respectful, non-judgemental and the kindest soul you will ever meet. Someone who overthinks a lot and can sometimes be too sensitive for this world because of all the empathy and compassion she has for everyone. She loves her family and have an especially strong bond with her mom. Very intelligent and also very adventurous and love to experience new things and new places. Whenever you are with her you will be in awe and if she is yours, take good care of her because she has a lot of others waiting in line.

Looks very innocent but is completely opposite. Has dirty thoughts 90% of the day and is especially good with the head. Up for basically anything in the bedroom even though she might act like a prude. Her s.o will be very good taken care of.
I found my Maham
by trueas1 December 14, 2018
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Loyal in all relationships, making her a great friend and girlfriend. May come off as rude but in the end of the day, if she likes you she will go that extra mile. She will do anything to make her loved ones happy, her good humor helps her do so. Some see her as cocky but thats only because she doesnt want anyone seeing her insecurities and so she has a tendency to build a wall that keeps people from getting to know the real her.
boy1: shes so full of it

boy2: naw shes actully really nice once you get to know her

boy1: she must be a maham
by KeepinItReaaal March 20, 2011
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A Persian name for boys and men . It means calm and strong like moon .(in persian literature sun is a sybmol of a woman (خورشيد خانوم) and moon is a symbol of a man ) and they shall never meet which is the sad part of this ancient story.
-Have you met Maham.

- yeah, he is the man.
by Mmm111 February 25, 2015
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Official definition: Big head, little body.
Maham: "Mah-ham"; Full head/Open head/Blank Head

Slang term for Marijuana.

Started by High School students who needed a new term to use in school and around non-smoking friends.

Maham is a way of saying "My own cigar" because the government does not own the marijuana but they own "Hams" which is a slang term for cigars.

See Ham
-"Hey, Maham tonight?"
-"Nah man, my grandparents are coming over this weekend"

-"Hey you got any Maham?"
-"No just Hams. You want some?"
-"That's alright, i'll get some from my bro."

-"I had a good time with that 2g Maham J last night"
-"Maham was great!"
by Hezekiah Prince December 22, 2008
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(Mahamed) is definitely a player. All the girls like him and he acts like he ain’t beautiful at all. He doesn’t give a shit about relationships though and is a very lazy person to be with. He is very caring and likes making friends with new people. He is slightly shy but that doesn’t stop him from going out of his comfort zone or being friends with everyone he sees. He often views himself as a class clown and everyone can also agree. He’s very kind but has an angry side to him and is not afraid to show it when he needs to. He can be sometimes controlling but for the right reasons.
He is such a Mahamed

I wish I was Mahamed, I’d be so funny!
by English_teacher February 11, 2019
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1. a somewhat cool girl with an unusually large butt.
2. a bhaand
That girl is pissing me off, she must be a Maham.
by bubba February 1, 2005
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