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sound made by nixon's head on futurama. watching nixon on television as a child, billy west (the voice actor who plays nixon on futurama) feared that nixon would turn into a werewolf. this fear inspired the "aroo" sound made by nixon's head. cf. dvd audio commentary for "a head in the polls."
Leela: Cool your jowls, Nixon. You may not like it that Dr. Zoidberg desecrated a flag. You might even find the image of it festering in his bowels somehow offensive. But the right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Earth Constitution.

Nixon: Aroo! Maybe so. But I know a place where the Constitution doesn't mean squat.

Cut to Supreme Court
by mjndfbjh January 21, 2008
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A word used by obstacle course racers before or during a race, particularly a Spartan race.
" I'm so pumped for this race, AROO!"

by Glambert11230 August 21, 2016
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aยทroo (ah-roo) interj. -- an expression of bewilderment and/or curiousity; an exclamation of overwhelming confusion; an all encompassing query
Chloe: "I think Eric drank all my shampoo."

David: "Aroo?"
by Kunami Mata September 22, 2006
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Arthur: "Aroo," cried the dangerous snig. "Aroo!"
DW: "Ahhh!"
by deeznutterboiz January 18, 2018
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Used in replacement of "huh?", "say what?", "for real?", etc.
guy1: "hey you whimsical #@$%"
guy2: "aroo?"
by rust October 09, 2003
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