a cute loving cat that always wears a hat, that matches his clothes from his head to his toes.
the cat in the hat is da bomb!
by carlin November 24, 2003
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The act of jizzing on a face and placing freshly shaved pubic hair over it, resembling fur. Optionally a hat can be placed on the "receiver's" head to form a cat in the hat.
Terrence - How did the date go?

Buzz - She liked me till I asked to perform a cat in the hat; Then she REALLY liked me!
by DoctorAcula August 24, 2011
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A very scary show in which teenagers and adults think is very scary. Don't recommend this for your child.
Now that my children have watched The Cat In The Hat, they're drug addicts!!!
by Ten Wangmo April 13, 2012
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The Primordial God of Anarchy and Chaos
Drake: I like Boys
Kanye: የግርግር አጋንንቱን መልአክ እጠራለሁ። yegirigiri āganinituni meli’āki it’eralehu
Drake: “Oh nigga”
Cat in The Hat: Splits drake atom by atom for being a certified boy lover
by Negus of Niggopia July 14, 2022
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Term used to describe someone who is attractive, yet unstable. They seem like a good time, but turn out to be a complete mess.
I wouldn't hookup with him/her if I were you, I hear he's/she's a "cat in a hat."
by Brainy Ledom August 1, 2011
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Popular Dr. Suess book in which a hat wearing cat doubles as a veiled subliminal message for the use of condoms in acts of bestiality!
Timmy touch my weiner! -Dr. Suess
by Max February 26, 2005
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