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1. Arlin (är'lən)
to emanate love & cheer and gravitate towards circumstances of joy and kindness, but when there's none, to find some goodness within or silver lining.

2. Arlin (är'lən)
The rainbow and the pot of gold!

3. Ar·len (är'lən), Harold
American composer of more than 500 songs, including the 1939 Oscar winner "Over the Rainbow."
How did it go at the protest?
Great, peaceful... everybody Arlinned!

Do you like the gift?
Totally love it, it's an Arlin!
by Oopiedoopie February 03, 2010
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An very cute and adorable short person who loves to eat cupcakes all the time :) She is a GREAT girlfriend and is friends with many people. Arlin's are usually very down to earth , simple and love to dye their hair . Even if they were make up they are beautifully without it, they usually never have pimples or blemishes . Also they usually have a great body to go with their amazing personality :) Arlin's love making people happy and put others before themselves because they are very caring and calm.
Bobby: Omg have you seen Arlin ? She always make me smile :
by DonutEater123 December 30, 2011
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