She's very pretty and has gone through a lot in life. She's funny😂 but can be mean when she wants too. her bites are painful as hell😔😔
Arianna your very pretty but mean
by DooDooHead July 18, 2015
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Arianna is an amazing person, she usually has beautiful hair and and the face of a model, she downplays herself too much though
Look it’s Arianna
by Why can’t I have a name October 30, 2020
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The prettiest girl at school. The most sought after by the boys, the most hated on by the girls. Unique and original just like the name. Amazing in every aspect. Lovely and pure a great friend to have.
all the girls wish they could be as lovely as Arianna
by kurt88 February 21, 2010
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She is often shy at first but once you get to know her it's like your seeing a whole different side , she is nice and friendly and will be friends with anyone but sometimes she has a aditude,her life is really tough so if you see an arianna crying try to talk to her but most of the time she won't open up to you she only opens up to someone she trust won't make fun of her , sometimes she cry's her self to sleep but other than that she loves sports and has a special connection to dogs ,oh and she is very beautiful so if you see a arianna say hi .
Friend : hey arianna do you wanna play. Arianna: no I'm good I'm just gonna sit here . Friend 2: you wanna talk about it . Arianna: sure
by Some random person 😂 November 27, 2019
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Arianna is a person who is usually beautiful, hot, amazing, cool, sweet, funny, hip, kool, awesome, ect.
"Wow Arianna is beautifull."
by RayDaSunShine August 30, 2008
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Arianna, a more unique name, originating from the Lost World. People with this name are literally worshipped by their offspring and friends. Often times there are moments where you will get flashbacks with Arianna, due to their repetitive quote, "Remember that one time...?"
"Remember that one time you put up a definition of my name?" Arianna said.
by Colin Wydysh April 14, 2008
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odd name usually given to girls.Notice it is spelt AriaNNa with two 'N's NOT one.Usually pronounced ari-ANNA.An Arianna is usuallly a cool person.She may seem quiet but around friends,and especiallly when she is hyper,she is the life of the party.
TJ:Hey, Arianna!
Arianna: oo.. hey..
TJ: wanna come to my party tonight?
Arianna: umm sure
-later that night-
Arianna: woohoo!!! and then he... *goes into long story with a bunch of jokes*
by arianna lee April 8, 2007
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