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Someone, normally a chav,who hasn't had a hair cut and instead has grown a disgusting mass of hair. The name comes from the idea that the money saved from not getting a hair cut can instead be spent in there view wisely, on ketamine
chav: you getting a hair cut lad?

Ket wig bandit: nah lad I've spent the money on ket

Chav: Snd lad! Your hair looks proper sick anyway
by qwertyยฎ February 26, 2015
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A really fucking bad hair cut, or when a male doesn't cut their hair for ages as they are working on their 'ket wig'. would probably be similar to a person who was on ketamine. they look really fucking stupid.
"How's your ket wig coming along man?"
"Good bro, been about 3 months without a trim."
"Fucking disgusting . I love it."
by anzpanz January 26, 2015
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A haircut commonly worn by someone that does absurd amounts of ketamine
Look at that tosser with a ketwig
by Bantz7124 May 18, 2018
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