Fucking disgusting eight-legged abominations created by god to scare the fuck out of you by appearing out of fucking nowhere and disappearing when you get back with your chancla
"Holy fuck I just saw a spider (arachnid),"
*gets chancla*
"Fuck it's gone,"
*fucking moves out*
by snickersnigger March 27, 2018
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Surely one of the most successful groups of animals in the history of this planet. There are arachnids on every continent (except Antarctica, obviously). Arachnids include spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks and the like. Though it is very rare for soft-bodied animals to survive, in fossil form, the oldest known fossil spider is 380 million years old, and there are even older fossil scorpions and sea scorpions known. Whenever I watch a tarantula or scorpion I can't help feeling I'm being given a viewpoint on an early age of life on this planet.
An example of an arachnid: a tarantula, a member of the oldest group of spiders which did not spin webs, merely used silk to line their burrows.
by Stormsworder November 16, 2006
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A more nuanced take on ‘not here to fuck spiders’. A classic Australianism expressing that things of little consequence or excessive moderation are not worthy to be undertaken.

Further context, similar to ‘having bigger fish to fry’.
“Hey Ellis, last drinks just got called. Pint of pale and mezcal chaser?” says Toph.
“Not here to fornicate with arachnids.” he replies in support of the offer.
by Kiz... December 25, 2020
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Various spiders found in Level 8 of the Backrooms.
The Arachnids of Level 8 are all venomous.
by MaybeARealWord January 13, 2022
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Someone who relocates Spiders on all other floors of a build excluding their own... This is so the Spiders can breed and mingle freely amongst unsuspecting victims when they are the most vulnerable and don't have their ANTI-Spider defenses up and running.
When you happen to come across an Eight-legged Spider...and Eight-legged mind you...you simply trap it in some sort of sufficient Spider-carrying device and let it free in a stranger’s room on a different floor than your own. And well, that should suffice as a Arachnid Recolonizer.
by gingerfaker23 October 12, 2011
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