Japanese for 'oh dear'. it's what shotacons say when they find their prey
by g1nger_bread March 25, 2019
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Japanese saying meaning "Oh me oh my". Seen on the manga "Love Hina". Often used by the clumsy character Mutsumi Otohime.
Naru: KEITAROOO! ò_ó
Keitaro: AEEERGH! x_x
Mutsumi: Ara ara ^-^v
by geiboi May 23, 2006
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sound that means "oh dear" or "oh my"
if any japanese women above your age direct this word at you in a sexual tone get the fuck out of there.
person 1: ara ara~~ <3
person 2: excuse me?
by Oooqwerty80 June 17, 2023
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when some random japanese girl comes up to you and says ara ara... RUN
in all seriousness it means "oh dear" for when they are into you
ara ara is used in a sentence depending on their tone you can see what they mean
by alltheusernamesinuse March 11, 2021
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Oh my in Japanese

Used in anime quotes and memes

People listen to ara ara compilation if they’re down bad
ara ara it seems you have spilled all that vanilla over the table
by -Flyte May 9, 2021
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If you notice a woman directing these cursed words at you, run the fuck away, or shoot them before they encounter young boys.
"Ara ara~"
"Alright folks, we've found this woman who's definitely a pedophile, looks like we've been compromised. Or they will be, at least. Pull out the Silverballers and let's do some firing squad shit."
by corruptphoton June 23, 2022
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