It's a Japanese word that onee sans use on shotas
Ara ara, anata no ochinchin chisai desu ne, o kawaii koto, shota kun
by IKUUUUUU October 05, 2020
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If you hear ARA ARA coming from your mom,aunt,teacher or anyone similiar RUN RUN you will get fucked till you are dry
Typical son: mom im stuck help me
Not so typical mom: ARA ARA
by jesus otaku March 29, 2021
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A term used my tsukishima kei in the popular Anime show Haikyuu!! . He uses the phrase Ara Ara Gomen sarcastically, gomen in Japanese is the improper/informal way of apologizing. Ara Ara in Japanese is a way of saying oh my or oh dear. Tsukishima being the salty bitch he is said it sarcastically just to get under everyone’s skin.
Ex. Good way to apologize:

tadashi: GOMEN TSUKI🥺! Tsukishima: Ara Ara Gomen😏
by Dingdingchickenwing69 January 06, 2021
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It's the distance between an Onee-chan and a Shota which is approximent the size of the Onee-chan's boobs x3 or x4 depending on the size.
You are talking mad shit in ara ara distance.
by Gekos April 01, 2019
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The main sentence of this beautiful anime girl from demon Slayer named: Shinobu. She's pretty asf and that's on periodt.
No one:
Shinobu: Ara ara sayonara~
by Katia the best December 30, 2020
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Real Icelandic sentence for saying: "Barbara, the daughter of Ari, gave Ari the Arab only rhubarb"
Barbara Ara bar Ara araba bara rabarbara
by Grofaz November 04, 2009
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something you say when youre about to fuck someone up
Idot 🥶: I kill you and burn your stuff
Gamer 😳: ara ara
by Thewolfleader500 July 21, 2021
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