Your real name is Sarah but you went on tik tok and saw the " remove the first and last letter of your name and see how cool is your new name" trend... You just wanted to see the result. But to be honest with you, ara dosen't mean anything... Kind of sad
Yes, I know,ara isn't not really cool...
by salut moi c'est susu June 23, 2020
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Aras also known as one of the most talented, beautiful people in the world. They can make your day and their flirting skills are immaculate. They will make u blush and they are amazing at cuddles. If u get urself an aras boy boy are u lucky 😳
girl 1: I'm so lonely I want a loving bf

Girl 2: omg go hit on araS he's so hOt
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by Isaye September 15, 2020
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The coolest and most amazing guy you'll ever meet. he has a big pp and definitely isn't gay. you would be lucky to have him.
girl: my boyfriend is so loving!
girl 2: keep him, he's an Ara.
by Lieutenant September 11, 2020
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ara is another word for β€œwasteful”
Friend: what’s your life?
Me: ara
by Hotjrjeej April 12, 2020
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