A suffix used in Final Fantasy after spells. It means a more powerful version of that spell. There is the normal spell, the spellara, then spellaga. Add ara to make a word sound more important or add emphasis.
(If someone is very surprised) "Holy crapara!"
by Sharky April 11, 2005
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She is an absolute gc. Total crack head but all round she has a mint personality.
She was such an Ara the other day.
by Hahaimyourmama April 15, 2020
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A strange eating disorder in which one can eat and eat, but never gain weight. When one is in the state of 'ara' they are usually bed-ridden for serious or perhaps not serious reasons but are unable to exercise.
Person A: "So he broke his leg?"
Person B: "Yeah. I went to his house to visit and the guy hasn't gained any weight even though he eats McD's all day."
Person A: "That's cause he's 'ara,' you know?"
Person B: "Oh!"
by Julie Sushi February 07, 2010
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