When you are at a holiday gathering and you are hoping that there will be DINNER but, no, just those itty-bitty snacks and you must eat millions in order to feel satiated (much like whales and plankton)
"Hey Beau, did you have a good time at Aunt Lorraine's house on Thanksgiving?"
"Not really! I thought we really would have dinner! I showed up hungry. All she made were appeteasers."
by BIG.dEb.GLES November 19, 2011
The opening act stripper to get the crowd engaged into the evening. Not the “main event”.
Is that the quality that is to be expected from the girls at this club???

Nah man, that girl is the appeteaser! The rest are plenty fine.
by MMMagic Man August 19, 2018
Hot, sexy, standing up, about to head out the door for a date making-out that tricks you into thinking you are going to get into the sack before the movie and dinner, but is really just a preview of what is to come later.
Man, the way Jillian was grinding against me and nibbling my ear I thought she wanted to skip the trip out on the town and get busy then and there, but it was just an appeteaser.
by KewriusG December 25, 2009