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When you are at a holiday gathering and you are hoping that there will be DINNER but, no, just those itty-bitty snacks and you must eat millions in order to feel satiated (much like whales and plankton)
"Hey Beau, did you have a good time at Aunt Lorraine's house on Thanksgiving?"
"Not really! I thought we really would have dinner! I showed up hungry. All she made were appeteasers."
by BIG.dEb.GLES November 19, 2011

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When someone is constantly adding photos and comments on their FB page about THEIR DOINS...
Posting photos of themselves posing with others and "having lots of fun!"
They look totally staged for the benefit of....Facebook?

A ploy that is used by people who have no ACTUAL life, and feel they must 'pose' as someone who has one.
TED: Does your brother ever leave the house, dude?
NED: Naw...mostly he just updates his "FACE-ADE (FACEBOOK FACADE)".
by BIG.dEb.GLES September 26, 2011

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