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A person who is not up to the standard of humor and or acceptable behaviour. Usually has mental problems and dillusions. Most often has a plastic Nationality
The Grome and Collyk are Awesome, Pedrocole is an Appalling Cunt :nod:
by collyk October 10, 2008
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A crazy psycho female that one day is sane and friendly and the next tells you she doesnt want to talk to you ever again. Similar to a bunny boiler
"Sarah is a right crazyhorse"
by collyk April 03, 2007
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A shave pubic area on a female. The dancefloor is shaved so cleanly that it resembles a young girl instead of the lady in question. A dream for a lot of men which is worrying.
I loves a young looking paedoclunge!
by collyk May 25, 2007
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To be pwned, slap bang in the face by collyk
Pedrocole was collypwned for being an appalling cunt
by collyk January 23, 2009
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