a pimpin mixture of gold and chrome
if uon kno wut grome is, ur eitha a square or u are NOT BAALLLLINNN'
Homie: ayo man, what kinda spinners u got on ya wheels?
Homeboy: platinum. u?
Homie: GROME
Homeboy: mayne wut da hell is grome?
...(Homie looks at homeboy weird and drives away)
by Veronilicious June 18, 2007
The art of casually browsing through your phone in a group of people rather than take part in the conversation. To ignore those you are with to Grom your phone.
"Wow, I can see Tom is just Groming away again instead of talking to his friends"
by Brandon Brit December 12, 2019
Grome means: 'massively subtle'. While some may argue this is an oxymoron, grome in fact simply means an act of subtlety so subtle it is not even noticable by anyone.
Guy1: Dude! It's that guy I dont like, lets walk a tiny amount further away from him.

Guy2: Dude. That was grome.
by Matt Kneebone July 19, 2005
After a long day in a bakery, a hot bath with candles and Celine Dion’s greatest hits. Focusing on the 95-02 years of Dions library and more specifically

“My Heart Will Go On” pretending the bar of soap is the “Heart of the Ocean
“My boy pussy may have a yeast infection from my long day in bakery, by the end of the day the bread wasn’t the only thing rising, I’m going home and Groming myself.”
by C Kim March 19, 2021