3 definitions by tlinget

is the initial attraction you have when you first see a prostitute that quickly turns to dismay as you take a second look.
Ahead on the corner was a true hottie, I dropped the passenger window to get a better look, Horrified, I realized she was a he. Once again, fooled by curb appall.
by tlinget October 10, 2011
Someone who is so fucking ugly not even the Bisexual or Bicurious would be interested.
I wouldn't even date her if I were a lesbian, she's bifugly!
by tlinget December 8, 2009
A posthumous erection caused by rapid or violent death such as a bullet wound or a traumatic blow to the head. Death erections can also be provoked by auto-erotic asphyxiation, (like in strangulation or hanging).
"Speculation continues to swirl around the death of actor David Carradine. One thing is for sure, he had one hell of a zomboner."
by tlinget October 13, 2009