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1) It means full of life; charming; dignified
2) Showers of flowers; first flower of a plant
3) Rays of the sun; lightning
If i were to name my child who is extremely exuberant and intellectual; i think i would choose anushka quite literally...
by indian names dictionary September 04, 2014
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Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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She always care for everyone. Good in bed and also independent girl who need no man. Ultimate sex beast. She always search for people who respect her back and gives her 100%. She is good at keeping people who are worthy. Example of sexy and cute. Most talented person and funny too.
by Aarti sharma January 09, 2018
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She's a nerd uses her imagination,analytical thinking yet is extremely unique when it comes to talents and tastes.She might be an athlete.Though thinks analytical and who is clean and oderly yet might be a good artist but a tad lazy.She mightcare about people and friendly.She is multilingual,active,sweet,flirt,stunning and observes more than talking.She would make a good leader as she is optimistic,reaches goals etc.She beleives in one supreme force yet diverse and is open to ideasbut sometimes stubborn.
1. Doesn't anushka know this?
2.we all need an anushka.
by astrologyindiateam December 07, 2018
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1. (Noun): The state of mind of utter and complete awesomeness
2. (Adj.): Gorgeous, Stunning, Incredible, and simultaneously Maniacal
1. Wow look at her, she's in an Anushka
2. Damn that girl is hot, but she's crazyy... She's such an Anushka
by Anidandi August 23, 2009
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Anushka is a girl who's name means unique. An Anushka might be wearing glasses and always has black hair. She is a misunderstood person in society, everyone thinks she's cringy, weird and sometimes mean, but really Anushka just wants people to like her. Anushka is not a superstitious person and believes in science.
She hates sports and is particularly bad in swimming, however, she is quite smart and has a beautiful personality. Anushka always has a best friend by her side who can understand her, this friend has a name that starts with a J.
Anushka is a mysterious girl, who is beautiful at heart and often misunderstood by her peers. Anushka is a different person and if you ever meet an Anushka consider yourself lucky and be kind to her.
Person 1: Ugh that girl is so cringe and annoying, she thinks she has friends but they all hate her.
Person 2: That's Anushka, all her friends think she's weird except that J____ girl
Person 3: Anushka is actually really cool, people don't know what she's gone through and make assumptions about her. She's great once you get to know her!
by DanaeThomas November 30, 2019
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