A reference to an extremely ugly female.
Man that bitch is a total antiboner. My dick actually shrunk up and inverted inside me.
by Chauncey Hollinsworth July 23, 2004
I got out of the pool and had major antiboner.
by t July 21, 2004
A reaction to being unexcited or upset by someting.
I had a boner through the entire orignal series, but the first two prequels gave me an antiboner.

by Anz-B December 24, 2005
Anti-boner (Adj)

1.) Similar to the Christian Antichrist, only this is a female who makes it impossible for you to get aroused.
2.) A very sexually un appealing, awkward female who lacks intercourse skills.

Synonyms -"Sexually awkward, Unappealing, Sexually boring"
Antonyms- " Amazing, Sexually talented, Fun"
"With all of her short comings, she has to be the Antiboner"

"DAMN GIRL THE SECOND COMING NEVER CAME!! Probably cause you're the Antiboner."

"We spent hours on floor play, and she still couldn't get me up. She had to have been the Antiboner."

"You're a real Antiboner"
by Demigod_Ian November 30, 2012
When someone sees something that it turns the person off to an extent that it is impossible to get a boner in the next half hour and they are softer than usual.
When the man took the woman to her house he got an antiboner once he discovered her strange obsession with rats that had them roaming around her apartment and inside her bed.
by Splatman8910 November 21, 2015
Short for Anti-Boner.
One who is incapable of stimulating an errection in situation when others would.
Ryan just couldn't manage to get it up as he tried to kiss Claire, he felt like such an antibon.
by Shadowcat February 16, 2004