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Regret for majoring in anthropology.
Whenever I apply for a job, I have to anthropologize about my major.

I anthropologized to my parents last night.
by softserve February 19, 2007
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When you wear a cute piece of clothing from an expensive establishment, like Anthropologie, and feel guilty for spending that much money on clothing when there are starving children in the world. Every time somebody compliments you and asks where you got it, you feel the need to insist you got it on sale.
I had to Anthropologize when Lexie asked where I got my shirt, insisting it was only $40 in the sale room.
by perritos March 04, 2015
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To take something cheap and make and accessorize and dress it up, ie. alter it in some way, to make it look like the very cute, but expensive store, Anthropologie.
Person 1: Oh cute necklace! Did you get it from anthropologie?
Person 2: No, but I did anthropologize it!
by idreaminglasscolors September 11, 2010
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to shop at anthropologie, the most amazing store on the face of the earth.
a: want to go to the mall and anthropologize? i could use some new latte bowls.
s: of course. everyone needs a few quality latte bowls.
by bertha June 26, 2005
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