Aha! To be astounded. An army of assholes, an association armed with an arsenal of asinine ambiguously adult anonymii. This ambidextrous armada, no mere attack force is an astounding assembly of articulate aristocrats. assuming the collective affliction has not atrophied, another day of ardent internet argument arises. Under the ambiguous aegis of internet anonymity, all annoying assertations may be announced with reckless abandon. the armored amplifiers of info, The antithesis of approbates, aided and abetted by all things arbitrary. Apology? do not forgive, do not forget. alas I am all aflutter, after the anticipation. You may call me anonymous.
The hackers calling themselves anonymous crashed systems and raided myspace.
by anonymous2222244 November 28, 2007
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Anonymous are hackers on steroids, treating the Web like a real-life video game, sacking Web sites, creating chaos and disrupting innocent people's lives. They are an internet hate machine.
We are Anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget.
by Anonymous53682 August 02, 2007
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We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We are one.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

We will crush anything that stands in our way.

But we will be hailed as saviours of the internet.

/b/rothers, MAN THE HARPOONS!
Expect us. Anonymous is waiting.
by A_n-o_n-y_m-o_u-s January 26, 2008
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Anonymous is the undisputed King of the Internets. Any attempts to harm Anonymous are taken seriously, and will be met with fierce retaliation. Anonymous never forgives, never forgets, and has been known to invoke Rule 34 at any given moment.
"Don't mess with Anonymous."
by Richard C. Mongler the 2nd January 02, 2008
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1. (n),(a) someone who does not reveal their identity, generally in regards to published material

2. (n) the collective name for anonymous people on the internet, generally in regards to 4chan. Most anons are stupid /b/tards that couldn't print their own name in lua or python, but are looked upon by many as hackers on steroids. Although they are the amalgamation of every anonymous (non-tripfag) 4chan poster, they are still looked at as a homogeneous group by the less perceptive; who clearly either think anonymous means "that guy who wrote a lot of quotations" or haven't seen anons insult and flame each other over the slightest disagreement, which they do all the time (using language like ur a fucking retart). The stereotype of anonymous being some "elite hacker group" was further perpetuated when the script kiddie "h4x0rs", lulzsec, portrayed anonymous as a proper hacking army. The old media had a humongous erection, and even further cemented in people's minds that "anonymous" was an organized and clever hacktivism group. Of course, some anons, especially the 13-year old "hey /g/ DDOS this kid's blog cuz he wuz mean 2 me at school" type, are fond of embracing this depiction. And, as we all know, anyone who takes the internet, and especially 4chan srsly clearly lacks purpose and should an hero.
underage newfag on youtube, with a guy fawkes mask his mommy bought him-

meanwhile on /b/-
"mods are asleep, post ponies"
"FAGGOT, >>>/MLP/"
"OP iS a fAGGOT!!"
by ChopinHauer March 09, 2012
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A large group of cowards sitting behind their computers being assholes, on the internet, just because they can get away with it through their anonymity and supposed proxies. They usually come from 4chan while other members of anonymous always somehow roots to 4chan even if they came from another website.

Anonymous has two purposes, to create trouble (trolling), and to masturbate furiously (fapping) emptying out their children as a part of their daily routine.

They create trouble so that they may laugh at it (calling it lulz). Anonymous will laugh at anything and anyone that man has ever thought of or seen. At the end of the day, they will laugh, masturbate, and sleep.

If one is targeted by anonymous they must treat them the same as trolls are treated. Don't react, don't respond, they'll lose interest and they'll eventually move on.

As a more broad term:
Anonymous is people without a face or identity. Anyone can be anonymous, as long as they choose not to show their face and keep their identity private.

In a way Anonymous could be said to represent the general masses of today's society that is unbound to the burden of one's own identity.
Anonymous faps to porn, hates on everything, faps to porn, hates on everything, faps to porn, hates on everything, faps to porn, time to sleep.

Despite all this, one can never be completely Anonymous on the internet even with proxies.
"There is no way to hide on the internet, no matter how hard you cover your tracks you can get caught. You're not invincible." -Matthew George (Anonymous)

Anonymous could be considered geniuses.

Anonymous could be considered retards.

Anonymous is sometimes even brilliant.

To learn more about Anonymous please visit /b/ (google b) to create your own opinion on the matter. It's not that bad of a place. Go browse with an open mind. Don't mind the gay porn, gay furries, cartoon ponies, dicks, gore, white supremacy, misogynist beliefs, men wearing woman's clothing and exposing their penises (called traps), pictures and moving pictures (.gif) of dead people, moving pictures of people dying, FBI luring with child pornography, young boy pornography, infinitely re-posted content etc etc and just see what anonymous is with your own eyes.
by Anonymous person no name May 25, 2011
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A group of script kiddies from 4chan, these internet terrorists act like they are doing the internet a favor by ddossing random sites they don't like and hiding from authorities. Typically they are 13-15 year olds who think using TOR is super leet-haxor material. They like to silence those who criticize them with ddos attacks.
"We are anonymous we do not forgive blah blah blah."
"So you think you have some kind of power by copying and pasting that shit around the internet?"
"Oh, you question anonymous? Don't worry, we'll take care of you."
"Thank you for protecting and serving your OWN agendas and personal interests you fucking pieces of garbage."
by linuxrox3 April 28, 2013
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