Someone who is kickass, cool, and quite funny.
by binks January 11, 2004
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internet hacktivists that originated from the image board 4chan, now completely changed and reformed with new goals like bringing down the Church of Scientology, stopping government laws like ACTA, SOPA and PIPA from being passed and recently, their DarkNet project, which entails bringing down pedophiles and pedophillic content from the internet.

Anonymous are often percieved as being petty hackers that have nothing better to do than hack random websites, but they actually do have good intentions, like free speech and creativity for everyone on the internet. My advice is just get used to the fact that groups like anonymous exist and rather than bashing them and saying ignorant things like "ooh anonymous used to be final boss of the internet but their just a bunch of idiots!!!" get educated and understand anonymous' place on the internet and do not bother yourself with them. Pissing off anonymous is like Pissing on an electric fence. sounds like a funny thing to do but when it comes back and burns you, don't go crying to your mom. you have been warned. dont fuck around with anonymous.
internet tough guy: hurr durr anonymous are weeaboo faggots hurr durr
*anonymous finds IP adress and fucks their shit up*
internet tough guy: BAWWWWWWW
anonymous: u mad bro?
by DefinitionsGuy February 18, 2012
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An online network of trolls committed to cyber-pranskerism and Scientology bashing. They are presently falling apart under public pressure.
"Anonymous is Fail because Fox News Ridiculed Them! Lulz!"
by Reverend Jacob K Reist February 17, 2008
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Anonymous is a hacker group, curently working on #blacklivesmatter, hacking into multiple goverments and systems, exposing secrets ect.
“Dude anonymous just broke into american goverment files.”
by imsorryiloveuwisp June 8, 2020
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1. A person that reveals no information about themselves.

2. A name given in 4chan for a unnamed user.
1. I was talking to this anonymous guy

2. Anonymous is everywhere.
by shootingballons November 10, 2015
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A sexy hacker. Sadly gay (sorry ladies), but CRaZy hot. Will melt your heart and will dazzle you with all his tech. He will take you out on romantic dates to area 51 and feed you grapes. Non-small dick!
Dang how'd you get anonymous to date you
by Aaryan Singh June 6, 2020
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a large “group” of hackers that gen z is simping for and are calling them “daddy anonymous” or “daddy anon
kylie: oMg did you see what daddy anonymous posted on twitter?!?
hannah: ofc i did, that picture was beautiful ;))
by uraveragesimp June 14, 2020
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