1. Anonymous is a statement of someone who is unidentified or mysterious, something that cannot be described

2.Anonymous, A Hacker Group that is so Infamous and has a mask of a white person with a mustache, Anonymous also has some quotes like "Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." lots of people are making memes and jokes about Anonymous to this day.
1. Hey Jim, Have you heard about that guy? he is so anonymous.

2. Hey! have you heard? there's this hacker group called Anonymous.
by IMGONNACOOOOOOM July 11, 2015
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A leaderless group on the internet. Anonymous could be anyone and therefore, it is primarily split into divisions of hacktivism, lulz and protesting. The hacktivism (don't think I need to explain this) section of it is the most well known form of Anonymous, however many people do not understand that this is only a subsection of Anonymous and not the entire thing. The "Lulz" section are the people who like to... make lulz. The protesting section of it is when people protest against something (like Scientology) wearing Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identity. The term "Moral fags" is a term to tease the people who protest and use hacking for purposes other than lulz in the Anonymous group according to the ED article (I don't advise you go there).
Anyone could be Anonymous, even you! Fox news won't like you, though.
by Velcromontation September 07, 2013
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A hot man under a mask who will probably murder trump one day, and I would also like him to re arrange my guts with his you know what :)
Ugh anonymous is so HOT”
by chokemeandrearangemyguts June 13, 2020
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The most experienced writer for urbandictionary.com. Never asking for anything back, he dishes out definitions and definitions.
wow that anonymous guy sure knows a lot of words
by Andrew Shea August 29, 2004
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This organization is so powerful even the government is afraid of them. They are hackers who put people in their place when pissed off, and fight for justice.
Tara: Dude have you heard of Anonymous? They’re back after three years!
Jake: Yeah dude, even the government fears them and they’re on our side.
by globalgroup June 02, 2020
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The master of everything. By far the most creative and multi-talented being.
"This painting is by Anonymous. Wow, Anonymous thinks of everything."
by Manhattan Project May 02, 2005
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