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1. Something that pisses someone off, making them incredibly angry. (slang term)
2. A portal releasing demons, hellish creatures, and such.
3. Short for the video game Hellgate: London, a game shown at E3, supposedly made by Flagship Studios.
1.Fighting hax0rs in an online game is certainly hellgate.
2. Damn, I can't destroy that hellgate in Doom 3.
3. Hellgate: London better be a good PC game, or else.
by ToadMan.EXE July 11, 2005
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1. An abbreviation refering to the Nintendo Dual Screen. The DS is a portable system with dual screens, one that you can "touch" with your fingers or a pen, a D-Pad control system, 4 buttons (all SNES style, labeled ABYX in the same fashion), 2 shoulder buttons (Also SNES style, L and R), the stuff letting you play Nintendo DS games, and a GBA emulator (but you can't have all the GBA "additionals", and you are limited to 1P modes). It has, basically, N64-style graphics, but they are slightly improved. There are also dual speakers, and the design of the DS allows it to be "flipped" closed. As a side note, the only portable system really competing up to the DS is the PSP.

2. An abbreviation meaning "Dick Suck".

3. An abbreviation meaning "Dark Side".

4. An abbreviation meaning "Dark Side", used in MMBN 4-5 to accompany "Dark" navichips, which as you get hurt, increase damage of the chip. You can also only use them when MegaMan is "Dark".
1. "Mommy, I wanna play my Nintendo DS!"
2. "Damn, I wish I had a DSing girl on me right now, for free, anyway..."
3. "The DS of the force is a pathway containing shitloads of power..."
4. "Holy shit, I just realized that KnightMan DS is probably the worst navichip ever."
by ToadMan.EXE August 22, 2005
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Anything semi-annual means it happens every 6 months.
Attention all customers, attention all customers. The semi-annual sale begins today, and the next one is on December 18! Buy now and get extreme price cuts!
by ToadMan.EXE August 22, 2005
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