Editor in chief of American Vogue. She always wears a bob and sunglasses. Often photographed at worthy runway shows. She poops icicles.
Anna Wintour sleeps upside down in a cave like a bat.
by fashionfreak January 11, 2009
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Anna Wintour is a shriveled, little woman who put herself into power of the American Vogue magazine. Known for her severe bob-cut as well as her severe attitude towards anything and everything besides herself, she is the inspiration for the best selling novle, "The Devil Wears Pradda."
Boasting a skelital size zero, Anna Wintour despizes anyone who's over a size 4, doesn't wear 6 inch stilettos or doesn't agree with her skewered sense of fashion/beauty, including, but not limmited to, copious ammounts of furs and animal skins, rediculously high-heeled shoes and starved, shrunken models who look like they've been on a week long cocaine binge.
Person #1: did you see that Anna Wintour woman get pelted with a tofu pie? She deserves it for being such a bitch, don't you think?
Person #2: who the hell is Anna Wintour?
by Peaseblossom85 July 15, 2006
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Editor of the American version of Vogue magazine. She is the the skeletal woman without a soul who inspired the book "The Devil Wears Prada." She is the stereotypical evil, controlling bitch boss. Her exact opposite would be the far nicer and far more successful Oprah. She is proof that money and designer duds can't hide the lack of class. Her evil ways are often revealed by her workers. She has been famously pelted with red paint for wearing lots of fur.
Anna Wintour made her staff take down all the holiday decorations that they worked hard to set up.

Did you see the picture of Anna Wintour getting pelted by peta supporters? It was in the middle of the frickin summer.
by margaretsanger December 26, 2005
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The most glorified and grandiose woman in fashion.
Me: Anna Wintour looks like she is dressed in her grandmothers curtains!
You: I know right
Fashion Fuck: What?! She is such an ICON
Everyone Else: Sigh...
by gordon bolognaise January 10, 2019
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