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- A socialist leader of the Republic of Serbia from 1989 to 1996, and leader of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2001. He is accused of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide against the Bosniak, Croatian, and Albanian population throughout the 1990's and died in the custody of the International Tribunal for The Former Yugoslavia in the Hague in 2006.
Slobodan Milosevic was accused of war crimes in Bosnia in the early 90's.
by Accatt2204 December 11, 2013
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For all sincere Serbian patriots you will remain a symbol of courage, liberty, humanity and resistance, while for those who have soiled their hands with your and our misfortune you will be an eternal warning and indelible stain of disgrace with which they will remain branded forever.
The Hague prosecution was defeated by Slobodan Milosevic.

Bill Clinton should be arrested and tried on the grounds of the documents and testimonies brought forward by the trial over Slobodan Milosevic.
by Stephan Hill September 04, 2006
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You people are pathetic. Stop blaming everything on Slobodan Milosevic. Before you start judging Milosevic you should first take a look at your own history. The worst atrocities known in modern history of Europe were committed by Croat and Muslim Nazis on defenseless Serb population. This, one of the most important parameter of the current Balkan tragedy that is rarely mentioned in the Western press, which is a damn shame because no one will ever know the truth.
Vukovar - who committed atrocities?
This was just one big cover up. The West widely poblicised the battle of Vukovar. When the town was finally liberated from the Croatian fascists it was but a ghost town littered with slaughtered Serbs. But the West accused the Serbs and not the Croats for the massacre!
Now to the Srebrenica "Massacre" - What really happened? The activity only proves Srebrenica was a set up. the way the bosnian muslim was able to do this was to deliberately sacrificed their own. Muslims from Srebrenica were deliberately sacrificed. The Serbian Army that was provoked by raids on Serbian villages, the commander of the 28th Muslim Division Naser Oric and approximately 20 other chief officers were withdrawn from Srebrenica. There are Documents that show the Muslim army did not have any plan for defending Srebrenica and that the army of the Serb Republic captured the town with a very small force-200 soldiers and three tanks(Slobodan Milosevic had nothing to do with this). The real objective of the Muslim authorities was not only to create a situation that would allow NATO to bomb the Serbian positions without the approval of the UN Security Council but also to hide from the world the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the Serb Republic of Krajina, carried out with direct help from the USA and NATO at the beginning of August 1995.
by CrnaStrela September 06, 2005
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He is a cunt if ever there was one.
He disgraced the name of Serbia and was responsible for wars in Bosnia and Croatia in which thousands of civillians where murdered.

He is just another reason why Serbia is a fucked up country and why everyone hates the fucking Serbs.
Serbia became even more of a fucked up country after the fuckhole Milosevic became presidant.
by Croatian February 01, 2005
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a fascist dictator responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and leading the Serbian people to disaster. He caused the rapes of over a million women, the deaths of thousands of men and children, the establishment of WWII-style concentration camps and more atrocities not seen in over 40 years. His genocidal policies took the lives of many just because they used the "wrong" alphabet, spoke the "wrong" language or practiced the "wrong" religion. He claimed he was "defending" Serbia and the Orthodox faith. Yeah, right. He was an asshole anti-Christ for the late 20th century. He died earlier this year. May he rot in hell forever.
Slobodan Milosevic was a smaller-scale Hitler.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 22, 2006
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the guy responsible for the Srebrenica massacres, the decimation of Vukovar, and many other war crimes. he deserves to die.
by Croat August 27, 2003
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