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thicc boi who dont like other thicc bois because he's performing his male dominance.
ankush thy thicc boi
dammn boi he thic
by Orcas 101 January 22, 2019
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Most funniest boy you will get only goal oriented but always in a mood to have fun
He is like Ankush
by Anany343 June 13, 2019
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A person who earns curse words with doing ass things.

Jhaant pakoda
You lazy ass you're so ankush.
by KANEEKA August 22, 2018
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A man known for explaining the jokes he knows while not understanding the majority of jokes he hears. Ankush is a man who knows what he wants. Usually it's the pennies on the floor (the penny pinching fucker) because he's got to feed the family somehow. Being the only recorded Asian to vote leave, he truly lacks common sense in every way possible. Ankush is known for his common misuse of the English language. He is a big fan of watching women giving pregnant.

Ankush probably touches kids

Some say he's still stuck in silver to this day.
Guy 1: *Explains a joke*
Guy 2: "STFU ankush, how the fuck did you get into the country?"
Also Guy 2: *Hits up the EDL*
by CompLexiBee April 23, 2019
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