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Stadium of Pride, as opposed to the Cauldron of Nightmares at Old Trafford, Manchester.
by Andy September 23, 2003
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n1. Scummy ghetto area near Liverpool. n2. Home of Liverpool FC (see redshite) since being vacated by Everton FC many years ago. Shrine for many inadequates and unfortunates worldwide (kopites, gobshites). See Analfield. Most local Liverpool fans have no idea of the location of Anfield and prefer to sit at home wearing their scarves and badges rather than risk ridicule by going outside.
"I used to go to Anfield but can't gerra ticket now la....."
by Stevie larrrrr September 27, 2006
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A legendary investment company known for their discipline, wit, and impeccable track record. The name "Anfield" is an acronym for Absolutely Notorious For Investing (in) Extraordinarily Lucrative Deals.
Anfield is preparing to roll out the Texture restaurant chain, a new concept that is sure to snatch market share from day one and influence the taco industry for decades to come.
by clermontboy November 20, 2018
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