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Commonly know as 'The Swamp', Old Trafford has the worst atmosphere in Europe probably due to the amount of business men trying to get a bit of piece and quite in the Stretford End, and basically having fans that don't speak a word of English!

Popular Chants include:
너 이리와 레즈
Man United Fan 1: 'Have you been to Old Trafford recently?'
Man United Fan 2: 'Course not I'm a united fan!'
Man United Fan 3: '我已經看到曼 聯和昆士 柏流浪'
by Hatethescum January 14, 2012
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Theatre of Dreams.
best ground Europe (if not the world) has to offer.
what more can I say?
at least our ground has real atmosphere.
by International Bad Boy July 05, 2004
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The Theatre of Dreams. Used to imply the numerous trophies won in the 90’s, now it implies how trophies are a dream for Yanited since Fergie left. Home to what was once the most glorious Manchester side in the 90’s, now a team that couldn’t make top 4. Still, IMO a better place than Anfield, the home to the lot down the road.
“Welcome to Old Trafford it’s the Theatre of Dreams...”
Pretty much everyone in post-Fergie time: unfulfilled dreams of trophies.
by Football, Not Soccer. July 29, 2019
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also an area of manchester quite close to the city center
also adjacent to the notorious moss side area
old trafford was once frequented by several former manchester united players and in its heyday was a shit hot place to be especially the seymour pub
man no1-where you from mate
man no2-im from old trafford(OT) mate
man no1-top place wish i lived there
by DENSOFLUX October 14, 2007
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Old Trafford is the famous home of Bruno Fernandes FC and the rest of Manchester U-Shited. The fans that occupy this place are either not from Manchester or used to Support Man City, as they are famous for being the biggest has-beens in Premier League history.

Each visit to this stadium gives Bruno Fernandes a guaranteed Chiropractor exam beachside of the amount of times he carried Man U on his back alone.
Guy 1: “The good news is I got us tickets to Liverpool vs Man United, the bad news is that I could only get the away match at Old Trafford.”

Guy 2: “Id rather kill myself.”
by Suck Your Dad December 31, 2020
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