A guy with absolutley no fans.
Upon searching a UD definition for "andy dick" I did not find any. Lol
by ParanoidAndroid71 October 07, 2006
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The most unfunny man on the planet.

Also used to describe an extremely ignorant person.
Michael Richards was a real andy dick on his racist tirade.

Yo man, Shane's being a real andy today.

Andy Dick is horribly unfunny.
by Jesse Carmack January 08, 2007
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Andy Dick has no fans and is absolutely not funny at all, this is probably why he was an alcoholic, or something like that, no one pays attention to him, it's like Denmark.
by Have fun with that July 12, 2009
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A very funny and often misunderstood pansexual comic who brings joy to the lives of many.
Did you ever watch the Andy Dick show? That shit was funny as hell.
by 477366498808 February 01, 2020
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Super long and he is amazing when it comes to him using it, You would be lucky to have it inside you.
"Wow, Just had Andys Dick last night, It was amazing!"
by SexyBoi69 November 17, 2013
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Andy, aka the Great Ass is A white, middle-class not well-off kid who find imperfections in his life and create a ridiculous, depressing melodrama around each one. He also makes up stories to try to get people to laugh, but all they do is laugh at him,not with him
"I went to this one girls house and felt her up before her parents got home" Andy Dick Dane
by Lord of Underwear March 23, 2008
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A male homosexual variant of the famed Bill Maher Head Slam. A male takes an anal suppository of muscle relaxers to help, loosen up his anal sphincter, his partner dons a nasal respirator and shoves his lubricated head into the anal canal and rectum. Once inside, the man nuzzles and orally stimulates his partner's prostate. Allegedly invented by comedian/drama queen Andy Dick, after hearing of the Bill Maher Head Slam from a male child prostitute.
The Pope doesn't consider the Andy Dick Head Slam, an impure act, because no vagina is involved. But, he added that the Bill Maher Head Slam is totally immoral.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 23, 2010
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