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She is perfect...she can make anyone laugh and smile. She is stronger than most people in the world. She's sporty. She talk alot but the best things. She is independent but also lonely at times. Totally broken but yet such a happy person. She'll get prettier day by day. She is also very smart and funny. She gets an 'A' in every subject. She gets disappointed really quick. She has the sexiest legs in the world. She will end up with an amazingly handsome and successful man.
Her legs are so ananya
by little mess January 09, 2018
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An amazing person who is really smart and is going to Harvard. She's amazing and will probably do whatever she wants in life.
Ananya left everyone speechless as she walked down the hall
by SAMMUELU October 20, 2019
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she wears a smile that could light up the entire room
she is the most genuine and kindhearted girl you'll ever meet

her voice will make you melt like Olaf (literally)
she is all the colors of the wind

she is my favorite
Person 1: Who'd you meet today?
Person 2: A ANANYA
Person 1: lucky
by perksofbeingk January 20, 2018
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Ananya is the girl of your dreams. She has glossy black hair and cute glasses. She's a tad nerdy but so sweet. She actually is so pretty out of her school uniform. I saw her once at a parent-teacher interview!
"Wow that girls a total Ananya!"
by laptops and mice March 01, 2019
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Ananya may seem tough but as son as you get to know her, you can tell how sweet and compassionate she is! If you ever meet an Ananya, just know she is the craziest person you will ever meet. An Ananya can be very organised with specific things, but with other things she can be very messy. Ananya’s are so smart, they never know how smart they are and they don’t acknowledge it. An Ananya is so beautiful and the most loyal person ever! When you first meet she can be very shy, but as soon as she warms up to you she will show you her true colours. You will have many inside jokes with her and she knows how to make you laugh, especially when your feeling down. An Ananya is up for any challenge and she loves having fun! If you have ver meet an Ananya, never let her go!
Keep an Ananya close to you.
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by ZaZa1909 September 28, 2020
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Someone who acts tough, but is really sweet. An Ananya cares about everyone, and is never cruel. She is also incredibly smart, funny and attractive. When you find an Ananya,

take care of her and NEVER, EVER let her go. Cause shes worth it.
"Dude, you NEVER should have broken up with Karen. She was the best thing that has ever happened to you."

"She was a real Ananya."
by RawrRawrRawrRawrRawrRawrRawr November 08, 2011
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This is the name of a girl who probably wears spectacles and has a sister.She is a shy and timid girl who is very introvert while alongside having some real good friends out of whom atleast one is a boy whom she has known for a long time. She is slightly smart and can detect lies very quickly
Ananya is my best friend
by Yosofins June 01, 2019
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