ill give you anal whilst i sing and shit analysing
by jjoosshhbbaarrnneess September 18, 2014
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the same as analyze except for people who can't say it correctly
I gotta go analysize this poem.
by Tyler Lindahl February 19, 2008
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Super good at sex. Amazing ass and tits with a pretty face. Freaks in bed but super kind people. Funny and hard working. Goddess in bed and all together the hottest person out
Analyse is my girlfriend
by yetteddd July 4, 2019
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Verb- the act of performing an analysis on a work of literature, often in relation to rhetoric; the act of analysizing
I was attepting to analysize the Joan Didion piece, when I was suddenly stricken with a massive migrane.
by TDragon January 12, 2012
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Hyperbolic girl who just down for anything in life . She annoying at too usually a whit girl mixed with something else like purtorican or African . She will don't to fight and sometimes talk but no walk VERY unique but someone you can tell anything your best friend
That girl is an Analyse to unique
by Xo.XoDiamondDiva February 19, 2017
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Mix between analysis and analyze. You get the best of both worlds
Students, please analysize this document and turn it at the end of the period.
by Kcsunshine1362 January 26, 2018
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analysation is the study of anus {or anii} and its environment.
we need an analysation expert here, this man has serious anus problems!!!
by radioactive December 7, 2004
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