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Mannish wife of Barack Obama. Widely regarded as being more masculine and certainly more gangsta than Barack. Was rejected by the WNBA for ambiguous gender reasons. Some have argued that Barack is actually gay and believed that he was marrying a man when he married Michelle.
"I am Michelle Obama and I wear the pants in the family. Bring me another beer Barack."
by ITeachYou September 25, 2008

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A chick who attended a college like Vassar or Hampshire where there are many lesbians. Interestingly, a feminist is not likely to be FEMININE. They don't wear makeup, they don't dress well, they don't shave their armpits nor do they shave their bush. They usually wear Birkenstocks and several layers of clothing. They are very averse to showing any of their skin. They will never get their hair done, often just pulling it back out their faces in an extremely uncreative and boring style. They don't workout to stay in shape because that would amount to acknowledging that looking good actually matters. Essentially a feminist is a woman who denies everything it means to be FEMININE. A feminist is in essence a self-denying woman hater who squelches the very greatest thing in this world, the beauty and sexiness of a real woman.
Ellie: Hey Hillary, I have a date Saturday. What should I do?
Hillary: Whatever you do, don't shave your bush. That's what this oppressive male dominated society wants. Being a feminist means never having have to say you're sorry. We're the victims.
by ITeachYou April 11, 2008

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The anal version of cunnilingus. What R Kelly was doing to that 15 year old girl in the video. He was eatin' that ass like it was chicken Chow Mein.
Dr. Dre: What's fo dinna tonight?
Eminem: You know what's for dinner bitch! My ass punk!
Dr. Dre: Damn, why I got to have analingus fo dinna evry night...
Eminem: Did you say something bitch?
Dr. Dre: No, no, I was just makin' up a new rap.
by ITeachYou April 10, 2008

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1. A gay man who bangs other men in the butt.
2. A member of G-Unit.
Fifty Cent: I think we should change our name to the Fifty Cent Fudgepackers. What you think about that Eminem?
Eminem: Hold on a second, I'm busy sucking Nas dick. (slurp, slurp, slurp) MMM, that was good.
by ITeachYou April 16, 2008

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