A sexual move where the male partner is recieving a blowjob then removes teh penis quickly and at the same time makes fists with both hands then quickly punches the partner on both sides of the neck at the same time hence causing a swelling action. The man then inserts the penis back into the persons mouth having the feeling of a anaconda around his penis from the swollen neck.
" This bitch would not suck my dick the right way so i gave her an anaconda."
by mdrj69 December 14, 2009
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A wrestling move that wraps the enemies neck and body so hard that it is impossible to get out of.
Caleb:"Oh my god! Joseph got Justin in the anaconda!" Jonathan:"Holy crap! he's gonna die!"
by gippy December 28, 2014
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installer for redhat linux and fedora linux
"now starting anaconda the redhat/fedora installer"
by simplyevilemmy April 25, 2005
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A title given to only the vilest of people. Like a snake in the way that he or she lies to get what they want, and Anaconda is worse because he/she will constrict, control, or manipulate to achieve some twisted or perverse goal.
N: Man Emily is such an Anaconda, why is she trying to ruin your new relationship after she spent all that time lying and cheating on you when you were dating?

J: I don't know...
by Snake man December 12, 2007
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A Black dick, usually relating to big hot buns.
My anaconda ate up my girlfriend's buns when I fucked her.
by Baeswag January 15, 2015
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The penis of a pakistani. It's black and everyone sucks on it. The owner of such a penis will be known as Danny Anaconda
by Danny Anaconda March 25, 2010
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