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a purple unicorn that is short

a purple unicorn with rainbows in its mouth
did you see that amneet outside ? it was magical !
by IHKIIKHIOHOIHO January 25, 2010
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Amneet is a Sikh unisex name meaning 'the Earth'. Amneet's are normally sporty and intelligent but also quite cringey and not very woke. In terms of appearance, Amneet's often have long hair because of their religion and are short height-wise. Amneet's like to be leaders and can be really bossy and irritating but are also usually friendly and helpful. They like watching anime and comedies.
person 1: who's sports captain this year?
person 2: Amneet most likely.
by skinnylegend666 August 18, 2018
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All the guys will fall for her humour and her beauty. Usually has a big ass and brown eyes.
by trumpisadicklicker June 08, 2018
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A pimp who is also an asshole. Makes jokes about everyone and everything not even his close friends are safe from his roasts but at the same time is extremely funny and any one around him has a good time.
Dude!! Amneet is here we can start the party now!!!!
by lfjmfkjr July 03, 2013
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