Introduction and Design: The Max Ammo is a power up in Call of Duty: Zombies. It looks like an opened box of ammo with some bullets. The power up first appeared in Call of Duty: World at War on the map Nacht der Untoten.

Function: Picking up this power up will refill every player's reserve ammo. In later installments, it also refills the current magazine.

Drop Chances: The drop chance truly depends on the map. Whenever a zombie does, it may drop a power up. The power up it drops is also random. The max ammo is rarer than all other drops, at least, it feels like it.

Hellhound Rounds (a summary): A bunch of our new dog models based on real world army dogs spawn in on a certain round, rekt them all for free max ammo.

Obligatory Random Meme: Once I see you, I know everything will be ok. *insert image of max ammo here*
only took 4 fucking rounds to get a max ammo
by EnderSender April 14, 2022
What you say when you need the odds to be in your favor
You:You're never gonna win the lottery
Me: Max Ammo!
Me:*wins lottery*
by Real_River_Child February 22, 2017
The condition in online first-person shooters where one has the impulse to reload their weapon after each bout of fire.
Person 1: Ever since this one time where I had to reload during a standoff and died, I reload very often now.

Person 2: Oh! You are ammo-conscious!
by HomeDepot January 27, 2009
Ammo Racked is a term used among War Thunder players and World of Tanks players. This term refers to a catastrophic kill on a tank or turreted vehicle, which results in the Jack-in-the-box effect, which is when an ammo rack explosion launches the turret of the vehicle up into the air like the puppet in a Jack-in-the-box. However, the Jack-in-the-box effect only occurs on buttoned up vehicles.
WoT Player 1: Dude, did you see that!
WoT Player 2: Yeah, you Ammo Racked that son of a bitch!
by Jagermeister69420 September 24, 2020
Never having to reload; Often an attribute acquired by using some form of cheating.
White kids love hip-hop and Axel, tractors and Rambo, playin' Unreal Tournament with infinite ammo.
by connick March 5, 2003
Term used in referencing masturbation when describing a beautiful young lady because one may try and remember that particular person in order to pleasure thyself in the comfort and privacy of one's own shower. (noun or adjective)
Yo, check her out, that's some great shower ammo!
by drunk monkey-njh October 22, 2008