The title of a magazine devoted to (you guessed it) guns and ammo.
by BlastMaster September 16, 2003
Any embarrassing, demoralizing or downright hideous picture of somebody saved on another friends camera that could be used against them for blackmail.
"Hey you better not take the last sprite or I'll put that picture of you after you spilled eggnog on your crotch at the Christmas party on facebook!"

"Damn, thats some pretty good facebook ammo"
by shovin' buddies December 26, 2009
The Ammo Goose is a tool used by the US Military during WW2 . It helps to supply ammo for the military, but in return, it keeps throwing the trash cans out and switching them to sussy looking ones. No one knows why it does this.
it is rumored that the Nazis lost because they didn't use the ammo goose.
by \/+{[me]}+\/ September 25, 2021
A term referring to the poop that monkeys throw.
"If you don't shut up, I am going to use my monkey ammo!"

"This bathroom smells like monkey ammo."

"Go back 3.9 million years, and we'd still be throwing monkey ammo at each other."

"Political debates involve a lot of politicians using monkey ammo to throw at each other....metaphorically speaking."
by AumoeLooure January 19, 2012
A gamer who hordes ammo, powerful weapons or upgrades in a videogame but doesn't actually utilize their advantages, even though there are other players who'd use them better.
Gamer one: Dude, you just picked up a machine gun with full ammo why the hell are you still using the pistol?
Gamer two: I wanna save it for later.
Gamer one: You're such an ammo jew.
by solidwolf October 18, 2009
An ammo bitch is...

1. an individual who is a member of your team in a form of simulated combat (i.e. Nerf, Airsoft, etc.), who does not carry any weapons, but instead holds magazines and ammo on their person
2. a Call of Duty player who uses Scavenger
1. Whenever we run dry on ammo, we have to go to our ammo bitch and get some more magazines.
2. Fuckin' hell! That ammo bitch is annoying!
by Orca813 August 9, 2016
1) A storage facility for large ammounts of ammunition for military weaponry.

2) Out of desperation, pitching a growler in an empty ammunition can in the back of your track. Inconsiderate if done while on patrol in a closed track in Afghanistan. Humiliating if your battle buddy takes a picture of it and posts it on the internet.
Bonus points if you close the can and leave ot out for insurgents to find.
1) Adams, go down to the ammo dump and sign out 5,000 rounds of 5.56

2) Spc. Adams took an ammo dump in the back of the STRIKER and gagged the crew out.
by ghost3x7 April 19, 2009