A term for being intoxicated due to consumption of alcohol.
Comes from "hammered".

Pronounced like "ammo", as in ammunition.

Used most commonly among young "punks".
by Natalie Indigo July 2, 2007
A family blood line often accused of being less intelegent or in some cases the family engaged in incest (sex with ones family member)
Look the ammoses are a bunch of dumb fucking retards
by Dr jerry Barns December 19, 2004
1. Porn used to get you in the mood for a wank.
2. Any pictures or videos a man can look at to assist in the wanking process. Doesn't have to be porn, can be any old picture of someone fully dressed, just as long as it gets you in the mood for a wank.
That pic of Jessica Simpson is just the wank ammo I need. See ya in a little while.
The bra ad in the local newspaper is great wank ammo.
by cunning stunt October 14, 2005
Hollywood ammunition is a term referring to guns/clips which have unlimited ammunition. The term came about from movies in which actors can shoot a seemingly infinite amount of bullets without needing to reload their gun.
Guy: Whoa! John Wayne just fired off 10 shots from his 6-shooter without reloading! Flub!
Girl: No, it's cool. He has Hollywood ammo. He'll never run out of rounds.
by 403forbidden January 17, 2011
n. Girls that are brought along to a club or social function that are expendable. If a random guy tries to cut in on your group these girls will serve as a perimeter protecting the hotter chicks you're dancing with.
Dylan: "Look out man, the douche crew's moving in."
Trevor: "It's cool man, start unloading the douche ammo."
Dylan: "Quick, to the center with the hotties!"
by Lomonte95 July 22, 2006
N. When a chick with rather large breasts is wearing a low-cut shirt- anything that can be thrown down said chick's shirt
Cleavage Ammo: Including, but not limited to, grapes, m&m's/Skittles, gum, bits of paper, crumbs, coins, french fries...
by lerxst1974 January 5, 2009
could be used as a sexual term to refer to being out of sperm after having already ejaculated many times.

more often then not it means to be out of material or out of something to say.
When a friend is arguing with you and you cant find anything else to say you might say, "alright, I'm out of ammo..."
by predator4756802 November 15, 2010