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Perhaps best known in popular culture as a demonic dog, it is also an antiquated way of inoffensively directing slight frustration towards somebody. Still occasionally used in Latin American vernacular.
"What do you mean there's none left?"
"Sorry man, I've eaten all the pancakes"
"You, my friend, are a hellhound!"
by Kris Stanislav November 03, 2012
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A hellhound is a dog of Hell, found in mythology, folklore and fiction.

Hellhounds typically have features such as an unnaturally large size, a black fur color, glowing red eyes, super strength or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, and sometimes even the ability to talk.

Hellhounds are often associated with fire, and may have fire-based abilities and appearances.

They are often assigned to guard the entrance to the world of the dead or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting down lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure.

As legend goes, if one happened to see the hellhound three times, he or she will die an abrupt and unseen death.
"Holy crap your dog is huge, looks like a hellhound"

OnLine Games:

"I can't go alone to that dungeon, is filled with hellhounds"
by Kamökaze April 06, 2009
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a bus on Greyhound Bus Lines.
Did you freight-hop or did you get stuck and haveta take the hellhound?
by roger February 02, 2004
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1. HSL-46 Det 5

2. Getting your dick chopped of and not having a leg to stand on.

3. Getting off of work after 16 hour day and wanting to go home and drink Draino straight from the bottle
Those damn hell hounds.

Reach under your pillow and pull out a big bag of SHUT THE F*CK UP. NOW GO TO BED.
by aquaouflage March 09, 2011
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