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Slang for in Turkish.
It is short for amına koyayım ( fuck your pussy ). It is commonly used to express that you are frustrated.
You may use it even while not intending to curse or attempt to have a sexual encounter with the person. In Turkey it is commonly used after every sentence.
The controller is broken again amk
by MhmtBerke March 05, 2016
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it’s short version of ‘amına koyayım’ in turkish. it means ‘fuck your pussy’, ‘fuck you’, ‘fuck it’ and it has thousand meanings like that.
all turkish people (except old people and fake feminists) use this word after almost every sentences.
What the hell are you doing amk?!
(Ne yaptığını sanıyorsun amına koyayım?!)
by voidnari February 22, 2019
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