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Dead. Credit due to German Engineering, and French Tenacity. As much a reason to join with Europe 100%, as any.
May I be correct in thinking you won’t want an open coffin?
by Sorrow June 12, 2003
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The Spider-man: After ejaculating (also known colloquially as "busting a nut") into one's palm, quickly turn and fling your "web-fluid", Spider-man style, at your recently serviced sex partner. Extra style-points for "webbing" her in the facial region.

(WARNING: If your target is not an utter whore, completely lacking in self-esteem, be aware of possible violent retaliation...otherwise known as the "Super-villain's counter-attack").

Note: May also be used as a verb (i.e. I totally spider-manned her!).
Example: Did you see that spider man shot to her face??!
by Sorrow April 10, 2013
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N. An excessively large male genitalia

Adj. Someone who pertains to be an Amking
"Wow, I never realised I had an amking"

"Man, you can sure be an amking sometimes"
by Sorrow March 25, 2005
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Geofact GE-O-FACT jee-oh-fakt NOUN pseudonym Slang term commonly used by Hobbyist collectors, amateur & professional Archaeologist that describes an object occurring naturally; not made by man, That falsely looks to be a Artifact "U.S spelling" Artefact "Brittish spelling" usually just a common stone or rock and
Natural object or geological occurrence / anomaly

Geo Greek word meaning Earth
Factum Latin word meaning law or Somebody's own act and deed. see also Fact arte factum
I was excited that I had found what looked to be a ancient stone ax , But was told by experienced collectors it showed no signs of ancient tooling or manufacture & was a Naturally occurring stone formation commonly referred to as a Geofact I hope next time I find a "Artifact" not a "geofact".
by Sorrow March 28, 2013
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