A word used to describe the worst sense of the United States, i. e. imperialism, corruption, and the global exportation of American culture.
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar (is wonderful)
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

Rise Against:

would God bless our ineffective court system?
God bless the sweatshops we run.
would God bless Amerika?
God bless Amerika.

Lyrics from Herzeleid.com and plyrics.com
by Kory d'Entre- March 25, 2006
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1) The slavic way of spelling "America"
2) A song performed by Rammstein in their album "Reise, Reise" (Arise, Arise). While the song appears to be patriotic in the American sense, the deeper message is anything but patriotic; the lyrics clearly parody the sense of American patriotism, but many critics have argued that Rammstein's message in the song was to satirize the widespread adoption of American Culture spread throughout the world (as suggested by the Asian monks eating American fast food in the song's music video). As with many of Rammstein's songs, the message about America isn't entirely clear; but one thing's for certain: It definitely isn't praise for America.
"We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar ('is wonderful')
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika"
~ Possibly an emphasis on how the widespread imitation of American culture has influenced countries all around the world, and therefore "we're all living in America". Another subtle yet powerful message that's a defining characteristic of Rammstein's music; there's always a deeper meaning.
by Alhadis November 14, 2005
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Amerika or Soviet Amerika...(see U.S.S.R. of A.).
In soviet Amerika,car drives you.
by Yakov Smirnoff Vodka September 01, 2005
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Usually how u write america in slavic languagues.
PROKLETA JE AMERIKA, i zalto sto sja, jebacemo vama majku, americka govna ta!
by Drazen April 27, 2004
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a song from Rammstein's latest CD "Reise, Reise". Apparently from the music video, it may be mocking America and how it's taking over everything (such as when you see two little Asian monks eating some Taco Bell).
chorus: "We're all living in Amerika, Amerika ist wunderbar."
by albert yuen March 09, 2005
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