Something often mistaken for a shooting range, when the quiet kid in the corner speaks up, make sure you "leave to go to the bathroom"
The quiet kid also made the song "pumped up kicks"
Quiet kid: Want to try out the AR-15 today?
Other quiet kid: sure, where
Quiet kid: There's an american school just down the block
by Make_a_wish_kid December 6, 2018
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a place of war worse then ww1 a place where depressed kids pull up with a glock and go bang bang
then when your hiding from the school shooter and there going to leave the autistic kid says bye the you get shot
yes american schools make you go kaplut
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American Schools nowadays are just gun ranges for people who can't aim. Seems bad but at least it's not happenin' to you!
I heard American Schools are bad. Well, yes they are. But why? Well, I don't kn- *get's shot in the head because they're talking about it in an American School.*
by high cholesterol child December 14, 2018
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"Bill why are you bringing the Remington?"
"I'm going to the shooting range!"
"But we're at an elementary school."
"Well yeah this is an American School!"
by Chunkyitis November 8, 2019
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"hey mom I am going to the american school to have my exams"
"Okay Honey, do not get shot"
by October 29, 2019
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Student1: I don't like Mrs bradley
Student1:tomorrow let's teach her a lesson after all this is a American school
by Ijuststoleyourtree:) April 7, 2020
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