4 definitions by Make_a_wish_kid

Something that made me, oh that's why my parents say I'm a mistake
For example:
Her: Remember to wear a condom?
Him: Oh shit...
by Make_a_wish_kid December 6, 2018
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A girl at Tim Horton's that chews her gum with her mouth open and is talking on the phone constantly she is often accompanied by a guy named Chad
that employee just tossed my salad
by Make_a_wish_kid December 7, 2018
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A bunch of sorry's and eh's living in the moment, don't mess with one or you'll be spending the night in a cold ass igloo while they teach you the Canadian national anthem.
Americans: fuck off
Australians: fuck you
Canadians: oh fuck sorry, I can pay for the damage myself and I can also.....
by Make_a_wish_kid December 6, 2018
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Something often mistaken for a shooting range, when the quiet kid in the corner speaks up, make sure you "leave to go to the bathroom"
The quiet kid also made the song "pumped up kicks"
Quiet kid: Want to try out the AR-15 today?
Other quiet kid: sure, where
Quiet kid: There's an american school just down the block
by Make_a_wish_kid December 6, 2018
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